StepPeer - 4-axis stepper motor controller in form of USB-LPT cable

Axis and I/O count up to 4 axes with limits, 4 inputs, and 4 outputs with software selectable
pin layout; software velocity and acceleration calibration for different axes.
Position range -2,147,483,647 to 2,147,483,647 steps.
Maximum velocity 20,000 steps per second.
Acceleration trapezoidal, 0 to 2,147,483,647 steps per second per second.
Motion mode rapid (as rapidly as possible according to main axis peak velocity), linear
(using linear interpolation), and circular/helical (using helical interpolation).
Contouring mode exact path (auto stop), exact stop (nudge), and continuous travel.
Positioning mode relative (incremental) and absolute distance.
Inputs (limit switches,
emergency, state)
TTL input levels, internally pulled up, only external switchclosure to ground
required; software selactable input sense (low or high true).
Outputs (step,
direction, misc)
TTL level signal; pulse width ~ 25 microseconds; polarity of step, direction
and other outputs can be changed (inverted) by software.
Special features positive and negative limits may share the same input pin with ability to be
checked separately according to related axis direction value; in similar way
positive and negative limits may be shared with the related axis step pin.
Interface to host virtual standard COM port through USB bridge @ auto-baud up to 1 Mbps
(and embedded serial TTL option @ auto-baud up to 4 Mbps).
Interface to drivers DB25 plug (female) with standard LPT port-like pinout.
Language interface G-code-friendly and G-code-transparent command set.

Applications:   robotics, CNC, pan/tilt/zoom systems - industrial, educational and hobbyist projects


Printed circuit board inside DB25 backshell (actual size)
implementing NXP LPC2136/01 microcontroller

* All components are Lead Free and RoHS Compliant

Designed and developed by Aryeh Eiderman  < leib @ hwml . com >  //  (972)-52-240-1595